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Welcome to Trade Shack AU, an independent platform that empowers you to unite your local postcode community, discuss local issues, and work towards self-sustainability. We are not affiliated with other sites, and our sole focus is fostering resilient, self-sufficient communities like in the old days.

Trade Shack AU is more than just an information and goods trading platform. We are a movement, a collective of individuals who believe in the power of local communities and the importance of self-sustainability. We provide the tools and platform to facilitate this process, offering a secure and independent platform (TRADESHACK AU SOCIAL) for you to communicate with people in your Postcode Community.

The Trade Shack


Grower digging the garden


Trade Shack AU’s “Seed to Plate” initiative encourages self-sufficiency and sustainability. It’s about growing your own food, reducing reliance on long supply chains, and enjoying the fruits of your labour. This approach benefits individuals and the environment, promoting a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

Postcode Community

Trade Shack AU’s Postcode Communities are hubs for local collaboration and sustainability. They connect neighbours, facilitate resource sharing, and foster resilience. The platform promotes local economy and self-sufficiency, making a difference at the grassroots level. It’s about community, sustainability, and making a local impact.

Local Communities working together
Education using Virtual Classrooms.


Join Trade Shack AU, a movement towards self-sustainability and community resilience. Connect with local growers, traders, and sustainability enthusiasts. Our platform promotes self-sufficiency, from our “Seed to Plate” approach to our trading platform. Share your knowledge, learn from others, and contribute to a sustainable future. Join Trade Shack AU today and start your journey towards sustainability.

Trade Anything

Trade Shack AU’s “Trade Anything” platform is a testament to the power of the local economy and sustainability. It allows members to trade anything legal, from vegetables to locally made items, fostering a cycle of giving and receiving that strengthens community bonds and promotes sustainable practices. 

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Secure Social

Secure Social Communication, using the Trade Shack Social you can securely communicate with your postcode group members or simply set up a topic group. Away from prying eyes. Private messaging,  video calls, and voice calls. 

The Trade Shack Postcode community


Trade Shack Social is the heart of our vision for the postcode community, bringing together all the elements of our platform into one comprehensive, interactive space. It’s where the principles of sustainability, local economy, and community resilience come to life. 

Here, members can engage with each initiative, participate in Postcode Communities, explore trading opportunities, private and group conversations, and more. It’s a space to learn about sustainable practices, share your experiences, and collaborate with others on community projects.

But it’s not just about learning and sharing; it’s also about action. Whether you’re trading homegrown vegetables, organising a local event, or discussing ways to improve your community’s resilience, provides the tools and platform to make discussions, events planning, and trade happen.

The beauty of Trade Shack Social is that it combines diverse elements under one roof, all focusing on the same outcomes. It’s a place to discuss sustainability, participate in local exchanges, connect with your local community, and contribute to a more sustainable and resilient future.

Trade Shack Social is more than just a social platform; it’s a movement towards a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable future. Bringing together all the elements of in a comprehensive platform for community action, collaboration, and learning.

The is where to read articles and learn about the philosophy and why. is the place to bring it all alive via discussions, online connections for offline communications and group events, all under the same umbrella and security. 

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