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Local Communities Connecting
What is it


Organise backyard growers and local community members to create self-sufficient postcode communities. This is to encourage growing food locally, having offline, face-to-face meetings and providing services locally without the need for government influences, an extended food and services supply chain or third-party controlled social media platforms.

The trade shack provides tools to its members to communicate online in a secure environment, sharing knowledge, selling products and sharing ideas on how to create a parallel system that can coexist independently with the current government, economical and trade system.



The Trade Shack gives members access to members-only general, state and postcode community-secured pages. Each level narrows down access to the smallest functional group, the postcode community. Members can communicate, sell and share ideas on a postcode level when it only applies to their postcode area or discusses matters at the state and/or national levels.

The postcode community organises membership, and the postcode community validates members as moderators/admins. Each postcode community is in control of the quality of the content and the validation of its members. The Postcode Community members can decide the direction, tone and purpose of their postcode community.

The Trade Shack provides a secured postcode community page that enables the sale of produce and services, lists local growers and businesses, local edible exchanges, and community notifications. Each postcode community gets access to a secured discussion platform only accessible to approved local postcode community members, replacing platforms like Facebook and Telegram.



You should use the Trade Shack to start a self-sustaining community for several compelling reasons.

Firstly, it provides a secure online platform for members to communicate, share knowledge, and sell their products without interference from the government or other external entities.

Additionally, by connecting local growers with local consumers, the Trade Shack encourages the growth of a local economy that is not dependent on large corporations or distant supply chains.

Moreover, by organising members into postcode communities, the Trade Shack allows for a high level of control over the quality of content and validation of members by members. This ensures members can trust the information and services other members provide, leading to a sense of community and mutual support.

Finally, the Trade Shack provides a framework for developing self-sufficiency skills and reducing your dependence on external resources. By providing access to information and tools for sustainable living, the Trade Shack empowers members to take control of their own lives and contribute to creating a more resilient and self-sufficient community.

Who is


The Trade Shack is Australia based, using a private server (not cloud, not shared and certainly not owned by bigTech) located in a secured data centre in Brisbane, Queensland.

The Trade Shack is the brainchild Rianna, Mike and Dr.H. Mike was involved in the pre-trade shack setup, focussing on online learning and online courses. Since Mike left the online learning part of the site has changed. The focus is more on self-sufficiency and the journey towards that.

Rianna and Dr. H, who continue to develop the Trade Shack to cater to the ever-changing economical and political landscape to support you in your day-to-day life.

The Trade Shack is non-political and non-bias. We do not control the Postcode Community content. That is up to you as a Postcode Community member, which makes the Trade Shack unique.

We have no association with or other tradeshack domains and initiatives. 


Dr. H
Dr. H Homesteader and webmaster.
Still learning how to farm and grow veggies. I am about 80% self-sufficient. My family and I went on the journey. The same journey you might be on or already completed. I pay for the site from my savings, so your help is needed to keep it going. Either subscribe for $2 a month or donate a COFFEE. Every little bit helps.
RB Editor
Day to day helping out with the site management, member checking etc.
Running Duck Studio
Running Duck Studio Graphic Designer
Has donated all the artwork you see on this site. She is the founder and owner of the Running Duck art studio and mobile art gallery.
PJ Independ Researcher
Goes by PJ, more seclusive than the Tasmanian Tiger. Only reports facts and nothing else. You will see the odd article from this person.

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