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Active Postcode Communities

February 2023 updates.

We made some changes to the way postcode community pages work and what sections are available you can find the details about that on the Active Postcode Communities page.

Active Postcode Communities changes.

Update to the main map, we changed the background colour from dark to street colour. This is more appealing, and it is also easier to see. 

We then went on to update the information box with the following information:

  • Postcode community name, which is the postcode 🙂
  • Link to the postcode community page. You only get to see the details if you are a member of that postcode community. 
  • Size of the community in square kilometres (sqkm). It has no real function (yet). 
  • Towns list all the townships, villages etc, that this Postcode Community covers. 
  • A join now option makes it easier for you to join. 

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