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Active Postcode Communities

Active Postcode Communities

The map below shows the current “active” postcode communities that are part of the Trade Shack “family”. Each postcode community will have their own community page. 

Sneak peek
Postcode Communities

If you are not a member of a postcode community, you will not be able to access the information. The video gives you a “sneak peek” of what a postcode community page looks like. 

Joining is FREE. That said, a monthly donation of $2 is appreciated, or buy us a coffee. When you join, make sure you add your postcode so we can map you to your postcode community. 

Homestead Sales

Homestead sales allow for food sales, barter, exchange and trade. Here you find what food is available for sale by backyard growers and/or commercial growers. 

If you want to search across all available foods not only within your Postcode Area you can do that if you want. 

Local Growers

The local Growers section of your Postcode Community page is dedicated to growers in your area, just to give them “priority”. 

You still can search for growers across Australia and set the max distance from your location. We just hope you opt for your local ones first. 

Local Businesses

Our core focus is food and food-related services. Realising that it takes more than food alone to create a Postcode Community economy, we introduced local businesses. 

We aim for businesses that source their raw materials locally within a close radius of where you produce and sell. 

Local Exchanges

Local exchanges, for food and seeds, are basically physical locations where you barter and exchange. Generally, no money exchanges hands, just swapping really. 

Because these Local Exchanges are by local members and generally for the local community only we do not publish them outside their postcode community.  They are the local “secret” if you like. 

Community Announcements

Community Announcements this is where community members discuss all things important. Post when the next meeting is on, and where it is. 

Discuss local issues, it is the replacement for social media networks like FB etc. 

What is it with the Colors?

My mate went, “What is the deal with all those colours? It is driving me crazy!”. I had a chuckle as he is most of the times right. So what is it with the colors? 

State Colours

It is a nice touch to have each active postcode community represented in their state colour on the map. This then flows on into each Active Postcode Community Page that is the only reason, just to bring some change into it. 


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