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Setup a Local Edible Exchange

Dayboro Exchange Edible Exchange, this one is a good example.

In this post, you get an idea of what is involved in setting up a local exchange. This post is not to tell you HOW to do it step by step. Essentially, HOW and WHAT you do is up to you. Each community will have its unique requirements, location and councils.

The post will outline the basic building blocks and give ideas and hints towards possible issues. It is not intended to be the answer for all possible scenarios.
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Why Joining Local Communities Can Benefit Your Sustainable Lifestyle

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The global food industry has seen dramatic shifts in recent years. The Netflix documentary Rotten has shed light on the dark side of mass food production, raising awareness about its environmental and social impact. In response, many people are seeking ways to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle by shifting towards backyard growing and buying from local farms. This article explores the benefits of joining local communities and supporting sustainable food practices.

Food Scaping how to start

Food Scaping in Australia

Are you ready to transform your garden into a stunning, sustainable oasis? Look no further! Visit the Trade Shack today to find our exclusive guide on foodscaping in Australia. Dive into the world of edible landscaping, and learn how to create a backyard paradise that nourishes your body, mind, and soul. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to revolutionise your green space and enhance your quality of life. Join us at the Trade Shack now, and let the foodscaping journey begin!

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