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One Small Town difference

One Small Town

One Small Town From their website. “IMAGINE a perfect world full of harmony, opportunity and abundance. The kind of world most of us have dreamed of all our lives. This world is possible and we are creating it for ourselves – not somewhere in the distant future, but now, in our own lifetime.”

let us have a closer look as it is not all that easy is it now….

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Ice Age Farmer

Ice Age farmer

OPEN THREAD: Many reports of empty shelves, rationing at Costco and others. Also hearing lots of reports of poor germination/yields from seeds from corporate sources (home depot, etc).. What are you seeing in your neck of the woods? Ice Age Farmer When I saw this post on Telegram, I thought. Ok. Sure. as it appears, … Read more

Grid is down Now What?

Its Plugged In Now What 1024x875 1

Every community is at risk of experiencing a blackout, from short 15 min power outages to widespread blackouts that can last for days or even weeks. Every home in every region can experience a blackout, and while these events are usually a minor, short-term inconvenience, widespread power outages can quickly become an emergency. However, by … Read more

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