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CME from the Sun: Understanding Coronal Mass Ejections

CME From the SUN

Let’s delve into the fascinating and powerful events originating from the sun’s corona, known as coronal mass ejections (CMEs). I will try to explain how CMEs form, their effects on Earth and our technology, and the role of sunspots in their formation. Additionally, I touch on space weather forecasting and where you can find some nice information and pictures. I also link back to a KP-index article I wrote a few years back explaining the effects of it on our health and electronics.

Argentina Inflation Rate

Australian Inflation Rate

While both Australia and Argentina have experienced inflation in recent years, the situations in the two countries are quite different. Well so are we led to believe. In Australia, the inflation rate jumped 322% from 2020 to 2021, and now we are looking at an inflation rate of 8%.

No it is not Chem Trails

There is a lot of talk about chemtrails, cloud seeding, and man-made weather. Some claim that all the floods in Australia, especially Lismore, are man-made. Cloudseeding is blamed, some even blame chemtrails. What I find interesting is that pretty much everything they mention as part of chemtrails is directly related to Grand Solar Minimum activity … Read more



What is in the Pfizer vaccines? Recently, Dr David Nixon, a Brisbane GP, decided to find out, putting droplets of vaccine and the blood of vaccinated patients under a dark-field microscope.

Russian scientists forecast cooling, thicker ice over coming years

cold arctic

Cap AllonElectroverseWed, 19 Oct 2022 16:13 UTC Russian scientists, in the relevant fields, have long predicted cooling due to low solar activity. Russia knows where global temperatures are headed. It could be argued that their recent geopolitical maneuverings are tied to this. “The Sun defines the climate, not carbon dioxide,” so says eminent Russian space scientist, Habibullo … Read more

Running out of food

ag snapshot 2022 2 01

Governments around the world say all is OK. But is it? News reports show otherwise, yet nobody is pressing the alarm button. Governments still keep pushing for cattle reduction, lab-generated food, centralisation of humans and food production. What is wrong with that picture? I guess they know, weather patterns show what is coming and governments know what is coming. Hence the push for control, so lets have a look at our FOOD STATUS.............. Login to read full post

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Privacy and edible exchanges.

Privacy of the Edible Exchanges.

The other day I was asked to take two edible exchanges of the website because of privacy concerns. Sure there are some issues that the Trade Shack should not charge $2 for membership, so let’s dive into it…. Is the Trade Shack private? We like to think so. No data concerning listings, edible exchanges, trade … Read more

MSM is just for show really.


And people willingly allowed this stuff to be put into their bodies???? (“Scientists Discover….”).  Things not looking good in UK (“Global Economic….”).  The tide turning against that compulsive liar Zelensky (“ ….”).  More Russian Military progress (“All the way….””). Then reports. A quantum-optical system to provide guaranteed communication between military mobile facilities is being … Read more

I’m Fed up with this


Kinda jaded about the Scamvirus / Plandemic, in fact anything related to health issues.  People have made their choices and now must face the consequences.  Those who didn’t think critically.  Those who didn’t find out for themselves.  Those without courage.  The cull is well underway – time will tell. ZOONOTIC – as I’ve said before, … Read more

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