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Find Communities

Search Communities  Find Trade Shack communities and like-minded.   We improved our Postcode Community search so you can search by state and postcode, and place name, making it easier for you to find Postcode Communities. SEARCH The search function has two options. Search by: Search for, you can enter any keyword Select State, this lists the … Read more

Is the Trade Shack Secure?

Tradeshack is A+ secure

Every website can be hacked, it is a matter of time and reward. For hackers, there is no reward, other than a good laugh when changing page content.

Postcode Community “Home Page”

Postcode Community Home Page.

What is a Postcode Community Home Page? The Postcode Community Home Page is where all the postcode community-specific information is listed. Backyard Growers items for sale, Local Seeds, Items in the local edible exchange, Forum and business directory.  Header showing you the name of the page and what postcode community you are in. The access … Read more

Trade Shack Example

Trade Shack Water World

Visit the Example page The question “What is a Trade Shack?” is asked often. A Trade Shack is an online method to create and support a physical place, referred to as Exchange, based upon the Edible Exchange concept. Where people exchange items. Items can be food, tools, services, training courses, anything.  Some things like courses … Read more

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