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The Local Food Movement

Local Food Movement

The local food movement is a holistic approach towards growing, distributing, and consuming food that emphasizes close geographical proximity between producers and consumers. It’s about nurturing a community-based food production and distribution system that’s sustainable, ethical, and mutually beneficial for all involved.

Understanding Sustainability and Self-Sufficiency

Sustainability and Self-Sufficiency

In a world dominated by fast consumerism and a throw-away culture, the principles of sustainability and self-sufficiency have emerged as invaluable frameworks for individuals and communities aspiring to foster a harmonious relationship with nature. By delving into these paradigms, one can not only contribute to environmental preservation but also cultivate a resilient lifestyle amid the ever-evolving global challenges.

Homegrown Food on Trade Shack Classifieds

Trade Shack Classifieds

The Trade Shack Classifieds enables farmers and backyard growers to advertise their produce to the broader public. As the Trade Shack is growing in content and visitors, we aim to be the go-to place for online backyard growers’ excess produce sales platform.

Moon phases

Moon Waxing

1. Determining the Moon Phases Here in the Southern Hemisphere, the moon will start to glow from left to right, opposite the Nothern Hem. The moon will become full and then diminishes from left to right.  2. New Moon (Beginning Again 3. Waning Crescent (Surrender) 4. Last Quarter (Release) 5. Waning Gibbous (Gratefulness) 6. Full … Read more

23rd September 2022


What does it mean when NATO does not pull their head in… well.
Russia has a staggering 25 MILLION RESERVES so they are only mobilising between 1 – 1.25% of their reserve pool!! Russia has uniforms, equipment and weapons available for all 25 million Reservists. The Reservists are all highly trained and many are specialists – all they will need is a 3 month re-acclimatisation period and they are ready to go. “Conscripts” in Russia are a completely different thing and, should they ever be required, they only fight on Russian soil!! ……….. Login to read full post

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