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Chemtrail research

Time to do some research on chemtrails and use your own experience to collect the data. Is it making us sick, is it real, or is it just a “feeling”?


Pilot Zeno Diemer, in 1919, when he reached altitudes as high as 30,500 ft above Munich, Germany, observed a contrail formation during the flight, and ever since, trails behind planes have been a hot topic of facts, fiction and conspiracy.

Many people on the internet claim a direct relationship between what they experience and geoengineering. They experience health issues, flooding and, in the worst-case scenario, both. Geoengineering is science, it happens, and it is real. Governments have claimed that they believe they can weaponise the weather by 2025. History shows that cloud seeding in the Vietnam war has worked, and cloud seeding still happens today. 

There is no dispute on cloud seeding. The questioning is around chemtrails. Chemtrails are NOT cloudseeding activities in the context of this project. I do like to collect both, as it might be hard to differentiate between the two for some.


Collecting field weather manipulation observations by people on the ground and local residents. The manipulations are generally observed as Chemtrails, Cloud seeding and/or HAARP.

Consolidate these observations in a database, which should give us a structured way of reporting on these events. The exact way of reporting and data collection will be fluent until we have a solid basis to work from. Simply because we have yet to set a clear data set requirement, this will form during our learning process. 


Consistent and equivalent data collection is key. We will use a form for that. Initially, it is simple, but as we grow and agree on approaches, we can expand the form. We have to ensure that we enter the data the same way. This makes reporting easier. The following data/data sets are collected.
This is a suggestion we can add more based on what you believe should be collected. 

Chemtrails or ConTrails

ChemTrails Photos

Collecting photo's, location and weather information when a chemtrail observation occured.


HAARP Photos

Collecting screen shots HAARP/Radar beams when weird BOM weather/rain radar things occur, collect the location, weather information and time.

Weather Observations

Weather Observations

At the time of Chemtrail/HAARP it is important to collect weather data. Not everybody has a weather station setup, so you can use Wundermap which lists thousands of PRIVATE weather stations.

pexels photo 6491488

Water tests

For those who can afford it and have done it, water tests before and after the ChemTrail/HAARP observations are helpful.

Moretonbay community

Postcode (Communities)

We use the postcode as the location. Privacy is important, and as such, we think the postcode is a good compromise between privacy and location. It also enables us to report to you as part of our Postcode Community project. (Eg find the "healthiest/savest" area")



Data collection can be done Anonymously, this ties in again with our respect for your privacy. We do expect a lot of spam if we open up the forms to non-members. For this reason, we ask you to register, it is free, and we do our utmost to keep your data safe and secure. Your name will not be reported on.


I will discuss this project on this site using the designated forum. We at the trade shack do not like social media due to its privacy and censoring issues. Our forums allow for any discussion, even when disagreeing with your opinion. There is zero tolerance for bullying, name-calling and offensive behaviour.

Data Entry Form

Data Entry

The data entry should be straightforward, take a picture, upload it, crop it and add the information. 

Some information is mandatory. 

You can support this project by donating a cup of coffee, it goes a long way. 

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