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Setup a Local Edible Exchange

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About Course

In this course, you get an idea of what is involved in setting up a local exchange. This course is not to tell you HOW to do it step by step essentially, HOW and WHAT you do is up to you. Each community will have its unique requirements, location and councils.

The course will set out the basic building blocks and gives you ideas and hints towards possible issues. It is not intended to be the answer for all possible scenarios.

There is a topic called “Use the Trade Shack” this explains the benefits of using the Trade Shack for your Local Edible Exchange, it is not required to run an Edible Exchange it will make the whole process a lot easier.

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What Will You Learn?

  • General recommendations on setting up an Edible Exchange. These are ideas, we do not specifically say what you need to do as this is different for each exchange. Essentially it is what you want to do, this course just highlights a few things you should think of.

Course Content

0. Require an Exchange
This is optional; you can start an exchange "build it, and they will come". To gauge the community, you can use a local Facebook group or this website to see if there is a need or support for a local edible exchange. What is important to establish is who the edible exchange will provide for and set up a geographical area. We recommend using postcodes for that. You can set up multiple postcodes to be involved in the local exchange.

1. Look for a location
In this lesson, we look at what is involved for a location, some links and suggestions.

2. Look for grants
In this lession we provide some ideas for raising money, should that be needed, look for grants and above all setup a budget for the Edible Exchange.

3. Investigate Legalities
This lesson is NOT to give you legal advice. It gives you some hints and pointers on what to look for and gets you thinking about what you might face if things go wrong.

5. Build Exchange.
This lesson goes into if you need to build something if you are ok with some shelves etc.

6. Advertise Exchange.
In this lesson, we look at how you can advertise your exchange the what and what not to do. Again, it is all up to you where and what you want to do. The lessons are there to give you ideas.

7. Manage Exchange
This lesson is wrapping it all up, how to manage the exchange should you need management.

8. Using the Trade Shack
The Trade Shack allows you to manage your Edible Exchange without the use of Facebook or other Social Media. Using the Trade Shack the day-to-day "inventory" management is done for you.

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