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Hi Everyone,
I’m a coach (life, business & marketing) and a qualified hypnotherapist – I also happen to be building an off-grid coach/bus to enable me to ride out the coming storms.
Offering online therapy or coaching to those who need some clarity, a different perspective, or aren’t sure what to do in these interesting times. I’d love to help.
I’ve include my Patrion Intro for the bus conversion so you can virtually meet me and get an idea of who you’re talking to for authenticity (it’s important to understand who you resonate with). You can also find me on instagram – although content is all about the bus conversion, for privacy reasons.

Being pro-choice and non-vax’d, life has changed by necessity – I lived in QLD for over 4 years before having to relocate to SA in order to build my new off-grid mobile office/motorhome
– I can no longer work in the formal mental health system, nor in disability (which I had done for around 4 years) – although I’m quite happy about that, because it means I can actually help people and rapidly.
– I’m NOT subject to the ‘policies’ around various things that keep people in a broken ‘system’ and needing to spend thousands of $$ when the science has progressed
… the ‘policies’ that are in place simply protect their business model.

– As you may be aware … anyone speaking out on social media is at risk of being cancelled, so I don’t put therapy or coaching content anywhere else except my own private websites.
I have a website under a different business name with details and online booking links – Please email me and I’ll provide the link to more information.
I’m working on the new website in the meantime. All sessions are delivered online, as the name suggests, I’m nomadic and based in Australia)

I am happy to barter skills, produce or goods/tools to help with the bus build/motorhome conversion.

Look forward to meeting those of like-mind and who want alternatives to the NWO narrative & system.

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Nuriootpa, South Australia 5355, Australia
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