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Food Foraging Australia

About Food Foraging

Food Foraging in Australia

This page is a compilation of the “Plant of the day” and “The Forages Kitchen” recipes as they can be found on the telegram group Food Foraging Australia. I am grateful to Camille Laveaux for allowing me to collect and report the data.

The second part is “Plant Details” this is for members only and contains more details about the plants. It is for members only due to the time and research required. All the work is done for you. 

Although great care is taken in compiling this list, you always need to consider your health and wellbeing.
Images and descriptions are for educational purposes only.

Find the plant

All plants are located in Australia but might not be in your area. 

Identify the plant

Take pictures, use books or drop a line in the Food Foraging Australia telegram.

Check its usage

Many plants have different usage, make sure you know them.

If in doubt do NOT use

Do not risk it, always start small to check if you have a reaction. 

Listed plants

Latest listings

Only for educational purposes.


Food Foraging Australia

Where is this information from?

Food Foraging Australia is a telegram channel where Chamille Laveaux posts a plant of the day daily. 

I have spoken with Chamille and agreed that I could post the content “Plant of the Day” on my website. 

Why post it here again?

Food is essential. I strongly believe in self-sufficiency and sustainability. Not everybody can grow veggies, and even less know what nature and mother earth has benefit to offer. 

I am trying to collate a practical list of food/herbs and everything else that benefits you and me. 

Can I search the list?

The plan is that you can search on Food, Remedy, and other tags (more added). This will then help you quickly find what you are looking for. 

(Search is for members only)

Is the Food Foraging Australia Monetised?

No, the Food Foraging Australia content is free for all to see. If you want to comment only, then do you need to become a member of this site


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