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Free Online Courses

The Trade Shack offers free online courses. When you have a paid membership, Plan B or Plan A, you can access these courses. 

This page lists the FREE courses you can access as a paying member. For commercial courses, you can contact the instructor. We do require you to create a FREE account to enrol in paid courses. This is so the Instructors can contact you. 

Written by members these courses are written by members of the Trade Shack and provided for free as part of your paid membership. Australia made, start with nothing and grow into a self-sufficient homestead, following “the struggling homestead”. For some courses, we will ask you to “donate” two dollars a month. You can cancel anytime. 

Free With Paid Subscriptions

Free Online Courses

Get the best out of the Trade Shack

Course on how to setup you profile, and information to get the BEST out of the Tradeshack functionality.

How to read the Moon Planting Calendar

How to use and read the Astrological Moon Planting Calendar from Thomas Zimmer. Please support Thomas by buying your own copy of the calendar.
Members Only

Start and Setup a Local Edible Exchange

In this course, you get an idea of what is involved in setting up a local exchange. Essentially, HOW and WHAT you do is up to you. Each community will have its unique requirements, location and councils. This course sets out the route.
Members ONLY

Let's turn shit into something good

How to make compost waste, what to do and what not to do. Where to get it and how to use it.
Members Only

How to sell courses online

Generate a passive income from writing and selling online courses. Start a virtual classroom Trade Shack style.
Coming SOON

Meet BOB

BOB is slang for Bug Out Bag. How to determine what you need. What not to do, why they are important for EVERYBODY and why one size does not fit all.
Coming SOON

Making Essential oils

Making essential oils Trade Shack style. What you need, how to start and what you should know before hand.
Coming SOON

Worm Farming

Got a worm farm... now what? How to build one, do and donts.
Coming SOON

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