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Genius Seed Sarting Tricks

1. Grow Kiwis from Kiwis

1. Grow Kiwis

Cut kiwi fruit into two parts, pop out its seeds with the help of a toothpick, and place them on a paper towel so that they will absorb excess moisture. Transfer them to the soil; after 10-14 days, the seeds will sprout. To learn more about this process, watch this video here!

2. Pomegranate and a Ziplock Plastic Bag

2. extracting pomigranate seeds

Scoop out the juicy pomegranate seeds, fill them in a plastic bag, flatten the seeds with a roller, and strain the juice into a glass. Now transfer the seeds to a pot filled with good quality potting mix.

3. Grow Peaches from Peaches

grow peaches

Do you have some fresh peaches? Cut them into pieces, scoop out the peach pit, and plant it into a pot with soil.

4. Cucumbers and a Glass of Water!

cucumber peeling

Slice a cucumber and scoop out its pulp with seeds using a spoon, and add them to a glass of water. Rinse well, strain the water, and plant these seeds in a container. Soon you’ll have many cucumber seedlings to transplant.

5. Have More Lavenders from the Existing Plant

5.collect lavender seeds

Gently press the dried flower heads in the palm to make the tiny seeds pop out. Spread them on a paper towel, fold, mist lightly, and let them sit overnight. Plant these seeds in a well-draining potting mix, and in several weeks, the seedlings will grow. To understand the steps better, watch the tutorial video here!

6. Grow Eggplants Effortlessly


Make a cross-cut at the bottom of an eggplant, and microwave it for 1 minute. Peel off the skin, take out the seeds, add them to a glass of water, and strain water.

Now take a pot, fill it with soil, and spread those seeds. Transfer them to separate pots when the seeds sprout and become healthy seedlings. In 2-3 months, you will have plants producing glossy eggplant fruits.

7. Tomatoes from Slices

Tomatoes From Slices

Make 1/4 inch thick slices of fresh tomato and lay them on the topsoil in the pot. Cover the slices with a thin layer of soil. Mist with water to make the surface moist—soon you will many have tomato plants.

Once done, plant them either directly or in a big pot. The seeds will sprout in 2-4 weeks.

9. Squash It and Grow

extract Squash seeds

Cut the top part of the squash, take out the seeds with the help of a spoon, spread them on a potting mix, cover with a layer of soil and water well. You can do this indoors and outdoors when the temperature exceeds 15 C.

10. Lemons from Lemon Seeds

Lemon Plant in a Cup 4.jpg

After squeezing juice from lemons, don’t throw their seeds, instead sow them in potting mix, water well, and place the pot on a kitchen counter or windowsill. You will get many new plants in a few weeks.

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