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Geo Engineering observations

This form is to enter the geo-engineering observation data. If you would like more information, you can see the associated discussion forum.

Data Entry

The data entry should be straightforward, take a picture, upload it, crop it and add the information. 

Some information is mandatory. 

You can support this project by donating a cup of coffee, it goes a long way. 

Event Detail

Details about the event, like photo, where taken what day.

Drop files here or
Max. file size: 5 MB, Max. files: 1.
    Photo of the geoengineering event, either an image of the chemtrail or a screenshot of the HAARP.
    Looking towards, this is the direction you face when taking the photo.
    Observation location, use the postcode.
    Date of observation
    Time of observation

    Weather Data

    Enter the weather data if you have it, if you do not have a weather station you can get the weather data from WunderMap.
    Enter numbers without digits or suffixes. Example: Humidity is 50% enter 50.

    Sky Observations

    All these fields are required, use your best effort in determining the conditions.

    What does the sky look like at the time of observation?


    What are you experiencing health-wise? This is a very brief subset of what was found on the internet. We can expand on this as we go

    What is impacted.
    Small section to enter your health experience. Be brief and do NOT include any personal identifiable details.
    This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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