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Growing food footprints within a postcode community

Are you URBAN, SUBURBAN or RURAL plenty training videos available.

Growing food footprints within a postcode community

Growing food footprints within a postcode community essentially identify what you got to work with. Some of us are blessed with wide spaces, good soil and water. At the same time, others are restricted to a balcony or a single pot in the corner.  At the Trade Shack, we realise that we realise that each postcode community is unique, and each member of it can have time and space constraints. 

Using your backyard for growing is easy for me as my “backyard” kinda spans across a large area. So how can we get started, how can we grow food in a big area and in a small area? Honestly, I would not have a clue. For that reason, we spoke to those who have. There are so many YT channels, FB groups and other initiatives that there is an answer for everybody. 

For simplicity, let us divide them into four types. 

Urban Setting

Urban Setting

Small house block or balcony

We have looked at “the best of breed” for each. Find people who can advice and talk about each type with some level of authority because they are doing it. Each of them has a story to tell, and they tell it better than us here at the Trade Shack when we said, “we are not reinventing the wheel”, that is exactly what we doing. We do recognize there are other YouTubers and other bloggers out there that bring you the same message as the ones listed below, so this is by no means a full list. This is just our list. 

Postcode Communities

Beck's Basic

Beck is a relative newcomer and already an icon in the self-sufficiency domain. Her no-nonsense and factual approach is what we like. Like us, she is not afraid to show what goes wrong. 

Looking at the videos and what is posted, she is a typical Urban grower.

  • smallish backyard
  • grows in pots
  • fences and concreted backyard
If you live in an urban setting, check out her videos, you will be satisfied. Just remember what Beck is showing is by no means limited to that environment. 
Postcode Communities

Self Sufficient Me

For a more Suburb setting, as in more land, you cannot get around Mark from Self-Sufficient Me. He is a legend in the industry. So  “LETS GET INTO IT”

Mark has been around for a long time. He enjoys raised beds, but that should not restrict you. Like Beck, he has his growing style and is doing very successfully. If you are on a bit of a bigger block than just a concrete driveway, then this channel is for you. 

Postcode Communities

Struggling Homestead

Well, that’s me, I am in rural grow veggies, animals and poultry. Pretty much process it all here on the homestead. Instead of a shovel, I have a tractor. I grow everything in the ground because it is easier. 

I do not have a fancy YT channel, simply do not have the time nor the interest in doing it. What Mark and Beck show is what I do just bigger. The slight difference might be that I use the Moon Calendar to drive my seeding and veggies, but that is about it. 

I am more focused on getting Postcode Communities organised and self-sufficient than I am on making videos. 

Growers Network
Postcode Communities


You can rely on the crew from Parents With Questions to do it right and do it large. Their Family Farm project is no different. It is based upon group buying of a farm, then putting a farmer on it and growing food for those who “co-own” the farm.

Each co-owner can buy food at wholesale cost from the farm, the leftover will be sold at markets. The idea is great if you do not want to grow yourself. Just be realistic about it, and PWQ is. If you want to own a piece of paradise near you, then visit PWQ to find out how. 

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