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How the tables have turned.

How The Tables Have Turned“…. Now the US Secretary of State is desperately ringing Moscow and requesting (begging??) a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and is being politely told Mr Lavrov is a very busy man, he will try to fit you in when he can.  Love it.  The US is just not so important anymore!!!  (Except to its little arse kissing lapdogs).

How Russia’s Upcoming EMP Gun.….” (Article from over a year ago).  Very little information getting out about this one, but it could be MEGA.

Chinese Army Posts Ready for War….”  America desperately pushed for war against China and Russia.  Crazy – that actually think they can win!!!!!!!!!!  They’ve been watching too many Tom Cruise movies.  Looks like the Deagle Forecast for 2025 is going to be correct.

Chinese Army Posts “Ready For War” Message

The official account of the 80th Army of the People’s Liberation Army of China posted “备战!”, which means “Get ready for war” on its official Weibo account on Friday. The post received over 300,000 likes within 12 hours.

It comes amidst heightened speculation that US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may visit Taiwan despite warnings from Beijing not to meddle in One China affairs and the 95th anniversary of the PLA’s founding on August 1.

Also, Armstrong and a video showing how UKRAINIAN Militias are being formed to fight and rid Ukraine of NAZI….

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