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July Exchange UPDATE

ExchangeUpdate2022 07 23 11 13 12

July Exchange functionality update.

We made some changes to the edible exchange, based upon the feedback we got.

  • Change the name from publisher to vendor.
  • The vendor has more control over the listing we added:
    • Vendor can option, you now can select if you can deliver, do pickup, bring to the exchange or post.
    • The vendor can specify the shipping cost.
    • Vendors can now select if they want to barter or sell.
  • Added the online exchange, this is for listings where the vendor decided only to sell online.
  • Changed the general look and feel layout.
  • Added listing dates, when the listing was added and when the listing expires, remember that edible exchanges expire every 7 days. This to keep the listings short and fresh. Easier to find. We plan to release a long-term classified next month.
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