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Local Businesses find your local organic growers, your local backyard grower, and local service providers. Shorten the supply chain by buying locally in your Postcode Community.

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what are local businesses?

Keep it Local

We consider local businesses that source their materials locally. Generally within a 50 km radius. 

This business directory, for local businesses, is not replicate existing ones. It is set up to promote Postcode Community self-sustainability and build short supply chains for resilience. 

A supply chain disruption can happen due to many things, economic and disasters, either man-made or natural. 

More recently the increase in transport costs causes an increase in food prices. By reducing the transport cost, you lower the price of the food or services your require. 

Local Communities working together

Who keeps a town community alive?

local Services are

Local goods and service providers are not only about providing honest goods and services. They also keep a town alive. 

How many sports clubs and other non-for-profit services rely on local businesses to sponsor their club? Many, if not all. Local businesses provide work for locals. Local food outlets, provide the first jobs for teenagers working on the weekends or part-time to make some extra cash. 

Centralisation has killed the towns and shifted their dependency to places far away, resulting in local job losses and dying towns. Not to mention the lengthy, fragile supply chain. It is up to you and me to reverse that. 

Reverse the centralisation and dependency on a fragile supply chain by supporting local.

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