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Local Communities create online connections for offline communication. Use Trade Shack AU Social instead of Facebook to keep your private details private. (

Postcode Communities


At the heart of Trade Shack AU’s philosophy lies the concept of local postcode communities. We believe in the power of community resilience, sustainability, and self-sufficiency. We’re not just about trading goods; we’re about trading old habits for new ones, encouraging self-sufficiency and sustainability for the community. We’re about building strong, resilient communities where resources and skills are shared. We’re about fostering connections with your neighbours, local farmers, and backyard growers.

Understanding Local Communities

Local communities are the backbone of society. They are the places where we live, work, and play. They are the places where we form our first friendships, learn our first lessons, and experience life in all its complexity. But in today’s globalised world, local communities are often overlooked. At Trade Shack AU, we want to change that. We believe that by strengthening local communities, we can create a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable world.

Postcode Communities


The Power of Postcode Communities

Our Postcode Communities initiative is a testament to our philosophy. By focusing on local produce and promoting the exchange of goods within postcodes, we’re reducing our carbon footprint and strengthening local economies. Postcode Communities group local resources like backyard growers, commercial growers, services, and products to shorten the supply chain. They provide a mechanism to talk, trade, buy/sell, and swap locally, safely, and securely.

Why Join a Local Community?

Joining a local community is about more than just trading goods. It’s about becoming part of a network of individuals who share your values and are committed to creating a more sustainable future. It’s about learning new skills, sharing resources, and building relationships. It’s about contributing to your community and seeing the direct impact of your actions.

Postcode Communities

The Process

The Role of Trade Shack AU

At Trade Shack AU, we provide the tools and platform to facilitate this process. We offer a secure and independent platform for you to communicate with people in your Postcode Community. We provide forums for discussing local news, trading platforms for buying/selling/bartering, and directories for advertising your products.

Linking to Self-Sufficiency

Our commitment to local communities is closely tied to our belief in self-sufficiency. As we discussed in our Prepping Guide, self-sufficiency is about cultivating skills and practices that allow you to meet your needs independently while also contributing to your community. It’s about growing your own food, reducing waste, and sharing resources. By joining a local community, you can take a significant step towards self-sufficiency.

“Find like-minded locals online, get comfortable and make decisions to meet offline to build sustainable communities in the real world.”

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Postcode Communities

The Vision

local postcode community and self-sustainable communities

Enable the creation of self-sufficient postcode communities where people can access good food and a healthy lifestyle without using long supply chains, Government dependency and centralised production—choosing what part of the existing system they want to use and what part they want to take control over, cherry-picking instead of replacing. 

Encouraging backyard growing of food, services and products, creating micro trading within a postcode community and across Australia. 

Using the Trade Shack as an initial trading platform to buy/sell/swap free from constraints to move all trading and communication offline to face-to-face. Like in the old days.  

It is up to you to

Make it Work

We need YOU, to make postcode communities work. We provide the tools and the platform, but without your input and effort, it will not work. 

The Trade Shack is not a place where you can look from the side-line, we are not able to make food grow for you, and we are not telling you what to do. You are the boots on the ground, you know what is best for your community, not us. The Trade Shack is merely helping you along, pointing out potential pitfalls and providing a secure and independent platform for you to communicate with people in your Postcode Community. Ideally, you make contact online and communicate offline. 

Use the forums to let people know the local news, and have to opportunity to discuss it (in private) online if you choose to do so. Use the “Trading anything” to buy/sell/barter and swap products and produce. If you are a commercial grower or provide services, use the business directory for advertising your products. 

As outlined in “The Process” section, we provide the tools and some of the knowledge. You make it happen. 



Join the Movement

Trade Shack AU is more than a platform; it’s a movement. It’s a collective of individuals who believe in the power of local communities and the importance of self-sufficiency. We’re about creating connections in the virtual world that translate into real-world resilience. We invite you to join us. Start your journey towards self-sustainability. Learn, grow, and share with Trade Shack AU.

The Importance of Postcode Communities

In conclusion, let’s look at why postcode communities are so important. Here’s a table that outlines ten reasons why you should consider joining a postcode community:

If You Join a Postcode CommunityIf You Don’t Join a Postcode Community
1. Access to local produce1. Dependence on long supply chains
2. Opportunities for trading and bartering2. Limited opportunities for trading
3. Stronger local economy3. Weaker local economy
4. Reduced carbon footprint4. Higher carbonfootprint
5. Opportunities to learn new skills5. Fewer opportunities for skill development
6. Stronger community bonds6. Weaker community connections
7. Greater resilience in the face of disruptions7. Greater vulnerability to disruptions
8. Opportunities to contribute to your community8. Fewer opportunities to make a difference
9. Access to a network of like-minded individuals9. Isolation and lack of community support
10. A step towards self-sufficiency10. Continued dependence on external systems

In conclusion, joining a postcode community is not just a choice; it’s a commitment to a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable future. It’s a commitment to your community, your planet, and yourself. So why wait? Join the Trade Shack AU community and start your journey towards self-sustainability today.

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