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Local News especially your good news stories. The Trade Shack Local NEWS allows members to share their stories. Publish your experience in growing, set up exchanges or just share newsworthy information. Feel free to post your local events. 

How to post to the trade shack Local news?




Publish. Editors review your post before publishing. Generally 24hr delay.
Step 03

The Trade Shack NEWS real, no-nonsense news stories on and about events or user experiences. Members post them for members without the hype you might see in Main Stream Media. Join the discussion.

Local News

Why post stories?

Sharing is Caring

The Trade Shack news gives a voice to members, where they can share good news stories or not-so-good news stories about their experiences. 

This is a non-judgmental and especially non-political or religious platform. We encourage open and honest debate and discussions.

  • Local News Facts only.
  • Share experiences in building local exchanges, growing food or sharing a good local news story. 
  • Members only can comment on posts/news.
  • Use it to advertise your upcoming event. 
  • Members ONLY access.
  • Members can create, edit and delete posts. You are in control.
Local News

as a member how to start a local news story?


Submit for review

Submit for review

Submit your news story for review; this is required to keep the spamming at bay.
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Moderator review

Moderator review

Generally, we will respond and publish within 24 hours. Keep checking the news section.
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A news story will allow members to comment on the story.
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What are Trade Shack NEWS stories?

As mentioned before, we are a non-political, non-religious and non-discriminative platform. We encourage freedom of speech, that is backed up by facts. Stories that have no factual basis most likely will get bad reviews from members or we just take them down. 

In the current commercial News Cycles, there are so many hyped-up stories that it is difficult to find the truth, let alone find what is important. We do not “fall” in that same category. 

Ideally, members will post their successes, and take other members on a journey to self-sufficiency. Post on what and what does not work for them. Advertise new exchanges, post new recipes, and share ideas on everything really. 

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