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Local Online Courses that are available at The Trade Shack © Running Duck Studio
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Learning a new skill has never been this easy and accessible, connecting teacher and student in real-time. All courses are online using our Virtual Classroom method.

Each course can have a course or subject community, which we encourage to meet offline and build stronger real-world local communities.

How to start a local course online?




Connect, collaborate and interact online with teachers and peers.
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"A virtual classroom is when students learn via web conferencing technology with a teacher. This differs from online delivery because web conferencing connects students and teachers in real-time, like in a classroom."

What are the benefits?

For you as a Student

Virtual Classrooms enable students and teachers to connect and have no physical boundaries:

  • Teachers can guide you through learning activities or allow a self-paced approach.
  • One-on-one with your teacher, depending on the course.
  • Access to classmates and social interaction with peers within a Virtual Classroom and via your social media platform.
  • You learn valuable remote working skills, which are increasingly important in modern workplaces.
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How do I enroll in an online course?


Enroll in a course

Enroll in a course

Enroll in the course, and learn new skills. Join a social community. Membership is required to join social groups.
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Each course is different, online classrooms, join social groups meet like minded online. Connect offline.
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Can I only learn online?

Through virtual classrooms, you and teachers can build skills highly valued by employers, such as digital literacy, remote working, problem solving and resilience.

Each course has a social group, meaning students can stay in touch even after completing their course—Building long-term relationships. We encourage teachers and students, where possible, to meet as a group at a physical location, for example, in a park, library or hired venue. This is not always possible. Hence we cater for online video conferencing and webinars. 

Not all courses have a social media construction, known as Trade Shack groups; it requires a lot of administration for the teacher to set up a specific group for each course. For this reason, we recommend that a group per teacher is set up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to take a course

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