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MSM is just for show really.

And people willingly allowed this stuff to be put into their bodies???? (“Scientists Discover....”).  Things not looking good in UK (“Global Economic….”).  The tide turning against that compulsive liar Zelensky (“ ….”).  More Russian Military progress (“All the way.””).

Then reports.


A quantum-optical system to provide guaranteed communication between military mobile facilities is being developed in Russia. As stated in the materials of the research and production enterprise

“Sound Engineering”, the new product should provide backup communication between tanks, armoured personnel carriers, cars, and drones. That is, such a communication channel can duplicate the VHF range when the equipment moves in very rough terrain.

At the moment, quantum-optical communication can be provided at a distance of several hundred meters.

This kind of communication can be used to control a column when it is stealthily moving in radio silence mode. In the modern army, there are no means of electronic warfare with this type of communication, the company said.

Tests of the first option were successful, but before the finished version, it is necessary to complete research work and undergo development work.

The prototype of the system was presented during the army-2022 forum, held from August 15 to 21, TASS reports.

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