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New South Wales Postcode Communities, this page lists all the active postcode communities in NSW.



Zoom in on the NSW area of interest. This map shows the Postcode Communities. 

You can click on the postcode area to get information about the Postcode Community. 

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NOTE: The Trade Shack has no affiliation with A stand in the park or other groups. We list groups in the map above to give you a starting point. 

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How does a TRADE SHACK Postcode Community work?

Each postcode community will get a their own “home page” and discussion forum. This means you can discuss anything about and within your local postcode community. 

The Postcode Community homepage also lists local Backyard Growers Network sales, edible exchange inventory, local growers and much more. Read more about it in your Articles Section

Where to go from here?

The eggs are in your basket now.

There is only so much the Trade Shack can do. We can guide you and help you if you need. BUT YOU and your TRADE SHACK Postcode Community members can make it work. It is a mindset, it is a journey, and it is pretty darn full-filling. 

Remember, if you, as a Postcode Community, rely on the government in times of hardship. You will be disappointed. 

So Start growing. 

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