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News and Information unfortunately the Main Stream Media is more interested in “click bait” then it is in reporting news. Over the last few years, it really got crazy. We bring you factual non-biased information. 

drama and s.x sells.

We at Trade Shack are not into clickbait, our only objective is to provide you with information that you can use for situation awareness. We encourage our members to discuss news and stories in their respective community groups on the site. 

Feel free to send us your local news and we add it to the site after we validate it and let the community members know. Remember we post only factual news, short, validated and links to where you can get more information. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start prepping?

Generally, people start “prepping” after “What just happened? Did that just happen?” type events. We in Australia have seen floods major bushfires and now more recently shortages in the supply chain. This has prompted people to either create a fire preparedness plan, buy some more food or even better start growing their own. 

That is prepping. How you start is very individually. The first stage is situation awareness. From there you create a plan to mitigate the risks that impact your way of life. That is how you start. 

It is common sense, not the rubbish Hollywood is showing you. Just remember your grandparents were most likely preppers. We just called them Backyard Growers back in the day. 

What is the purpose of prepping?

Despite what Hollywood has thought you. It is not about survival military style. It is about creating sustainable communities, either big ones or small ones. 

Prepping is the work you put in to protect your lifestyle. 

What foods are good for prepping?
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What is the first stage of prepping?

The first stage of prepping is realisation or Situation Awareness. You conclude something is “off”, something has a negative impact on your way of life and is threatening your sustainability. 

That Situation Awareness, the intent to take control of your self-sufficiency and be sustainable as a family and community, that is the first stage of prepping. 

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