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Black Wattle

To the Wurundjeri people, the Black Wattle is Garrong, the grandfather tree. The Wurundjeri view Garrong as the symbol of their grandparents who have passed; it is a sacred plant in their culture used in a multitude of wellbeing practices and ceremonies.

The Black Wattle is a significant natural resource to Wurundjeri Woiwurrung; like many Acacia trees and shrubs in our country, it has medicinal qualities and practical purposes.
Our Black Wattle has gum that can be eaten as a treat, used in tea for medicine, and the sap is also an excellent adhesive. The bark is used to make woomera, spear and boomerang and is sometimes turned into a poultice to heal wounds.

The leaves are also used in fishing, as when crushed and added to water, it absorbs oxygen out of the water, and fish will then suffocate and float to the surface.

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