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Plant of the day: Brachychiton populneus, Kurrajong Tree.

Kurrajong Tree

The Kurrajong or Bottle tree as it is known in the United States (Brachychiton) is a tree which is native to eastern Australia. Its distribution ranges from Townsville in northern Queensland through to the north-east of Victoria. The tree’s name comes from languages found along the New South Wales south coast and the Sydney basin. In the Dhurug language of Sydney the name means “fishing line”.

Kurrajong is traditionally used by Koori people as a food source and for making rope and twine suitable for the production of strong fishing lines and nets. It is also useful in the making of baskets and other woven goods.

The seeds once roasted can be eaten as is (tastes like coffee flavoured popcorn) and its tubers underground can also be eaten once cooked. The roasted seeds also once ground make a perfect coffee substitute or to make jhonny cakes, a type of damper (non glutinous bread).

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