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A widespread and common garden weed, the Stellaria contains high levels of vitamin E, excellent for the skin when used in poultices and skin balms.

It has a few lookalikes but a few distinguishing factors are:

  1. Chickweed does not have milky sap. Try pulling the stem apart. If there’s no milky sap, you’re more likely to have chickweed.
  2. It has a line of “hair” along the stem, which alternates between the joints.
  3. The inner stem of chickweed is elastic, so if you gently pull the stem apart, the outer sheath will separate while the inner part will stretch.

Chickweed is not only a super plant in terms of its nutritional acclaim, but it’s also delicious.

The flavour is often compared with corn silk. It’s pleasant and mild.

Chickweed is excellent raw — use it like sprouts; eat it in sandwiches, wraps, etc. And of course, it’s a great base for a salad.

It’s also great cooked and makes a good substitute for spinach. ???

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