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Plant of the day: Cyperus Bulbosis (bush onion)

Cyperus bulbosus is a species of sedge found across Africa, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and Australia. In Australia, it is commonly called Nalgoo or (Australian) bush onion or “wild onion”, but is not related to the onion or other Alliaceae. It is a component of Australian bushfood but is considered an agricultural weed in other areas. Within Australia, the plant has been documented throughout Western Australia, the Northern Territory, and large proportions of inland/central Australia. Beyond these regions, it is also known to grow in Cape York Peninsula (QLD), North East Queensland and Central East Queensland.

The small tubers which form on short stolons are traditional bush tucker food for Australian Aboriginal peoples. They are dug up on creek banks when the grass of the onion has dried out. The husk can also be eaten. They are eaten raw or cooked on the hot earth by the fire and are said to have a “pleasant nutty taste”.

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