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Plant of the Day: Hormosira Banksii, ‘Neptunes Necklace, Neptunes Pearls’

Hormosira Banksii

banksii, also known as Neptune’s necklace, Neptune’s pearls, sea grapes, or bubbleweed)

Hormosira is native to southeastern Australia (including Tasmania, lord howe island and norfolk island) and New Zealand.

This seaweed as with many others is packed full of iodine, which aids in a healthy metabolism and healthy thyroid. It can drastically improve energy levels by the stimulation of the thyroid gland and by increasing the metabolic rate of the body. Also very useful in weight loss and preventing goiters.

Neptune’s necklace is easily identifiable as its name suggests being a series of light brown beads. This seaweed is ideal for pickling in a jar with vinegar and adding some seasonings. When lightly heated it will turn a bright green colour. The fresh grown Neptune’s necklace makes the best eating. Its crunchy texture is a great addition with roast vegetables or with a salad.

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