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Plant of the day: Lomandra Longifolia (basket grass)

This plant is mainly referred to as ‘vital bush’ tucker. This spiky-headed mat-rush, known as Lomandra Longifolia is among the essential bush tucker herbs which were also used by the Aboriginal community thousands of years ago. However, it is only very few passersby can notice the plant.

Lomandra is identified by its long, flat and firm green leaves. Most parts of this plant are edible. It has a heavy scent, soaked with nectar. The seeds can be ground and then added to flour and for those who love a rustic bush cake, this is exactly what you should try out. These seeds can also be roasted and ground to make a coffee beverage. Parts of the leaves can be chewed. It has a flavour that is like fresh baby peas or raw cabbage. The plant leaves can also be used to weave carrying vessels, like coiled baskets and basket traps used for fishing.

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