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Plant of the day: Midgen (midyim) berry.

Endemic to Australia, Midgen Berry, Midyim, or Austromyrtus Dulcis is a spreading heathland shrub and the species occurs in New South Wales and Queensland. Lanceolate to elliptical in shape, the leaves of Midgen berry are 1-3 cm long and 0.5 cm wide and feature a silky hair beneath which is glossy above. Popular in amenity horticulture, followed by dotted mauve edible berries, the white flowers are 1cm in size and they are well-known traditional bush food consumed by native Australians.

With a small rambling shrub, it prefers sandy soils to grow well. The flower of this edible fruit is 7-1 0 mm in diameter and has white ovate petals. Although solitary flowers are quite common, in general, they are put up with bunches of 2-5 flowers in the upper axils.
Giving the fruit a mauvish appearance, the berries contain 3-9 pale brown seeds and are white and covered in small blue-black spots. The fruit ripens during the autumn and is edible and has a sweet taste

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