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Plant of the day: Syzygium Anisatum (aniseed myrtle)

Aniseed Myrtle (aka. Ringwood or aniseed myrtle) is a relative of the Lemon Myrtle with aniseed and fresh eucalypt flavour. Its edible leaves are typically consumed fresh or dried and powdered, and were used traditionally as a medicinal tonic. In the wild, it is found natively in the sub-tropical rainforests of eastern Australia.

Leaves are aromatic, often distilled for their essential oil. They may be used fresh or dried in tea, or ground up and added to bread dough, biscuits, stuffings, syrups, glazes, dressings and meat dishes. Aniseed Myrtle boasts a superior antioxidant profile and is high in vitamin C, E, folate, lutein, zinc, calcium and magnesium, as well as chlorophyll a and b.

As the leaves grow back quickly, you’ll have a fresh harvest throughout the year. Simply choose firm leaves that don’t crack easily, and pluck them straight off the tree.

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