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Plant of the day: Wild Millet, panicum decompositum.

This tiny “grain” is gluten-free and packed with vitamins and minerals. In fact, while it’s often called a grain because of its grain-like consistency, millet is actually a seed. It’s frequently used in birdseed, causing countless people to overlook it and miss out on the important health benefits of millet.

To use, collect the seed heads and rub away chaff. Winnowing is not recommended as the seeds are small and may blow away along with chaff, water winnowing is best. Place seeds and chaff in water and seeds will float to the bottom leaving chaff to be collected on top. Soak the grain for 8 hours and allow it to sprout, this causes the nutrients to be unlocked in the grain, as not doing so will make the grain not easily digestible. Once the grain is sprouted, cook like regular rice. Seeds will swell and become opaque.

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