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Plant of the day: Yarrow, Achillea Millefolium.

Achillea Millefolium

Native to Europe and western Asia, yarrow was traditionally used for wounds, and in Germany, was used by Nordic people as a substitute for hops in beermaking. Today it’s valued for its astringent and anticatarrhal properties and is used in remedies for cold and flu as well as urinary disorders. It is widely naturalised in Australia and New Zealand. Parts used include leaves, flowers and their essential oil. Its actions are as an astringent, diaphoretic (causes sweating) peripheral vasodilator (improves blood flow to extremities), digestive stimulant, restorative for the menstrual system, and febrifuge.

The essential oil is anti-inflammitory and anti-allergenic. To use, take one. Cup of standard decoction 3 Times a day to stimulate sweating and reduce fever. Combines well with the flowers of the elder and peppermint for common colds. One cup stimulates appetite. Fun fact: A single leaf, crushed and inserted into the nostril will rapidly stop a nosebleed.

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