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Postcode Community “Home Page”

What is a Postcode Community Home Page?

The Postcode Community Home Page is where all the postcode community-specific information is listed. Backyard Growers items for sale, Local Seeds, Items in the local edible exchange, Forum and business directory. 


Postcode Community Header 1

Header showing you the name of the page and what postcode community you are in. The access to these communities is managed by the Postcode Community moderator. If you are not invited or requested access to the Postcode Community Group, you will not have access to the page. 

Backyard Growers in the Postcode Community

Lists the produce for sale by the Postcode Community Backyard Growers Network. For $2, you can post as many food classifieds as you want. 

Local Seeds in the Postcode Community

Lists the local seeds that are up for trade, sell and/or barter.  

Postcode Community Local Exchange

Local Exchange is the same as the Local Edible Exchange. Currently, the ‘standard’ is to use Facebook. Some members believe the price of using Facebook is too high. As written about here

This section offers an alternative, you can see an “old” example of a local exchange. Check out the Waterworld Local Edible Exchange. 

Postcode Community Local Discussions

Local discussions and announcements, as previous mentioned all access is controlled, if you are not a member of the 4521 Postcode Community you cannot participate in the discussions. 

Postcode Community Local Growers

Local Growers lists the “commercial” growers within your postcode community. It is a no-nonsense list. We link to their online information instead of posting all the details on the Trade Shack again. 

Of course, their contact details are available for quick reference. 

Postcode Community Home page build.

How is the Postcode Community Home Page built? BY HAND, at this stage, it is not an automated process, and we will keep it that way for the time being. We manually check each new subscriber for postcode and match him/her to the correct postcode community if there is already a community. 

If there is no existing Postcode Community in the Trade Shack system, we create one. 

  1. We set up a postcode group profile. 
  2. Then, we create the forum for the postcode group. 
  3. Create the images to support the Postcode Community.
  4. We create the Postcode Community Home Page.
  5. Update the network to show the Postcode Community on the map. 
  6. Assign Administrators and Moderators to the forum and groups. 

As you can see, it is a lengthy manual process. This is done for a few reasons, one is that we do not have time to automate it and secondly, perhaps the most important, is to iron out the bugs and ensure your data is kept safe. We do our utmost to safeguard your data. 

Is everything created manually?

The initial setup, yes. The listings you submit are all automatically updated, so we do not manage them manually. We check them for authenticity, and you cannot publish classifieds on a free plan. 

For example, with the Local Edible Exchange, you can use your phone to take a picture of what you left, add the information, and it will be published to your Postcode Community by the system. As a member of the Postcode Community, you can list your classifieds and add growers as local producers. 


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