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Prepping focuses on living through supply chain disruptions and dangerous situations and preppers helping their community in the process. You guessed it “self-sustainability“.

How do I start prepping?

Start Small

Situation Awareness

Situation Awareness

Assess the situations around you.
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Step 01

“All preppers are beginners. Some preppers are more beginners than others. Whilst some preppers have a false sense of security. ”

what is prepping?


If you looking for Beans, Bandages, Bullets, and hype, then you have come to the wrong site. If you looking for Rambo-style information, you will be disappointed. Prepping is the buzzword used by Hollywood, in reality, it is about SELF-SUSTAINABILITY, and arguably that is even wrong. 

Prepping and preparing is so much more than that. It is about saving money, being realistic, and above all, self-sufficiency. It is not about doomsday scenarios only. It is about being prepared for supply chain disruptions. 

Self-sustainability is quite misleading really, simply due to the fact that it is a team effort, actually, it is a community effort. You cannot sustain yourself on your own, you need a town, a village a whole community. 

A supply chain disruption can happen due to many things, economic and disasters, either man-made or natural. Prepping is about being able to live through those disruptions in a long or short-term scenario, without those scenarios impacting your health and wellbeing. 

Prepping is not about what you see on the typical TV shows, big guns, big cars, stockpiles of stuff, all those things are very short-lived and hyped. Prepping is about being self-sustainable. Big as an individual but more so as a group, a community. 

We at the Trade Shack take you on the journey of realistic preparedness, and create sustainable prepared communities. 

Local Communities working together

what are the steps?

Situation Awareness

Trading Anything


Be honest about where you are "at". Don't be fooled by TV shows. Recovery after or during a disastrous event is hard. It does not need to be a natural event, it can be financial or other.

What is your immediate "risk"?

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Plan for "mitigation" of your risks, this most likely will include growing food and creating more self-sustainability. Less reliance on others to allow you to live.

Be realistic as you cannot fix everything.


Short Term

Short Term is typically 0 - 72hrs, generally a direct response to what you identified as a "risk". Risk of flood and bushfire etc., generally requires a short-term response, as in "Get out now".

It is more complicated, so let's talk about it.

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Long Term

Short Term can become Long Term. You should plan for scenarios like food shortages either due to supply chain breakdown OR because you cannot afford it. What if the supply chain breaks down?

Sustain your lifestyle without the supply chain. Can you do that?

Whatever your self-sustainability plan is, you cannot do it alone. 

Hollywood has not helped.

“I am a prepper”, the statement that gets you guaranteed weird looks and is nothing short of a conversation killer. Everybody quickly gets the picture of the Doomsday Prepper TV show. They see stockpiles of MREs (Meals Ready To Eat), Rambo-style weaponry and people hiding out in the bushes military style.

That’s Hollywood for you and very far removed from reality.

Prepping got a bad name, and it should not. It creates a picture of a stereotypical individual that is “scary”. Perhaps that is the intended by Governments. Preppers are individuals who think outside the box. They prefer to rely on what they see instead of trusting what might or might not be there. Peppers are big-industry supply chain independent, basically “Backyard Growers with a cherry on top”.

A common misconception is that prepping is an individual or, at most, a family weekend activity. Nothing is further from the truth. Preparedness is about communities. It is dumb to think you can live and survive independently. It would be best if you had a Tribe. You will need members of your Postcode Community as much as they need you.

The Trade Shack helps ensure minimal lifestyle impact due to supply chain disruption caused by man-made or natural disasters. It is about being sustainable for the short-term 0-72hrs and long-term. Building those required connections in your local community.

Medievil times require medieval solutions. Let us show you how to introduce Postcode Communities Network

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