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Putting it all together when to plant

The different symbols on the calendar represent the type of crop you should plant. 

Crops types, for simplicity, are grouped into three major groups.

  • Leafy Crops, the leaves are the part we eat. Some examples include broccoli, sprouts, silverbeet, lettuce, spinach, and basil. 
  • Fruiting Crops, we eat the seed with or without its carriers like beans, corn, tomatoes, zucchini and gourds. 
  • Root Crops, we typically eat the roots. Good examples are beetroot, potatoes, turnips and the like. 

Then we have the VOID MOON indicator. Best not to do any important stuff during that time. Fortunately, those times are very short. 

The Mercury Retrograde generally happens three or four times a year. It indicates that things might not turn out as you expect them. There is plenty online to explain what it means. For us as gardeners, it is a time to think and, if possible, reduce the work in the garden or preserve. 

If you can postpone canning and the like during this period, you best do so and leave it for a bit later in the month

Moon Calendar Putting the calendar use together.

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