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Reality Bites

Reality is a funny thing. It sneaks up on you. This page has a series of random articles about stuff not directly related to our objectives.

(Reality Bites, Research and Geoengineering)

Explore Reality Bites NON MSM Articles

These articles are either included with permission from the authors or written and researched by ourselves.

Genetically Modified Foods

Genetically Modified Food

Genetically Modified Foods: Uncover 7 alarming dangers impacting health, environment, and sustainable farming. Choose eco-friendly alternatives today.

Australian Inflation Rate

Argentina Inflation Rate

While both Australia and Argentina have experienced inflation in recent years, the situations in the two countries are quite different. Well so are we led

Geoengineering and chemtrails in Australia

Chemtrail research

Time to do some research on chemtrails and use your own experience to collect the data. Is it making us sick, is it real, or

No it is not Chem Trails

There is a lot of talk about chemtrails, cloud seeding, and man-made weather. Some claim that all the floods in Australia, especially Lismore, are man-made.



What is in the Pfizer vaccines? Recently, Dr David Nixon, a Brisbane GP, decided to find out, putting droplets of vaccine and the blood of

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