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  • Plan A
    Plan A

    This plan is for those who want to sell online. It gives access to all the functions of the site. On this plan, you can create online courses, do virtual classrooms (zoom account required), list classifieds, start selling your produce and much more. If you are serious about target selling, this is your plan.

    $10 /pm
  • Plan B
    Plan B

    We charge a small amount to keep the spammers out. You get access to all the posts. Where applicable, you can join and start any local initiative and post to those initiatives. For example, update what you left or took at your Local Edible Exchange.
    If you want to set up a postcode group, edible exchange or a trade shack, then this is the plan to choose.

    $2 /pm
  • Plan C
    Plan C

    To view the information on this site, we prefer you create a login, this will give you access to more information.

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