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We ask for a small monthly fee, first, this is to keep spammers and prying eyes out, and secondly, it keeps the lights on. We like to offer everything for free, but we simply can’t, we are not sponsored and are just a few people who try to get the “word” and knowledge out. 

A FREE subscription gets you on your way. Plan B gives you access to posting and free courses, and Plan A allows you to make money online by creating courses.

Restrictions what are they?

Set Individually By YOU

For intended users only information. Privacy and confidential on a different level.

Subscription Level

The first layer of security is when you subscribe to one of our subscriptions, you get more access to the site. We require a minimum of our FREE subscription.

If you came here from another page then you do not have the correct membership level. 

Community Level

Each community/group has its own set of access levels. If you are not a member of that specific community you will not see the members or the activities, like discussions, files, photos or like-minded. 

Edible Exchanges are set up as a community and only allow those who are a member of the Edible Exchange to see what is available and happening at the Edible Exchange. Like done on Facebook now, but we do it better.

If you came here from another page then you did not have access to that community. 


Including Subscription level plus.

* This can be restricted even more in your profile settings.

Edible Exchange Specific

Including the above plus

Profile Level

Your profile is what other members will see if they are part of the same community as you. If you are a business you can show all your information as a private person you might want to restrict that. We at the Trade Shack allow for that. 

Each item you can turn off can be set to “Who can see this?

  • Everyone
  • Only me
  • All members in the communities I belong to
  • My Friends

Turn On/Off

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