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Let’s look at YOU, “the cog in the machine”—articles and tips on becoming more self-sufficient and perhaps saving a buck here and there. 

(Healthy recipes, Foraging, Gardening, The Struggling Homestead and Prepare)

Explore Articles About Looking After Yourself

The good old “cliche” still stands today, “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. So you will find articles about prepping (self-sustainability and self-reliance), growing food and all the other homesteader-related stuff. 

Be prepared not scared!

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Running out of food

Governments around the world say all is OK. But is it? News reports show otherwise, yet nobody is pressing the alarm button. Governments still keep

Rhyde Postcode Community

Every Library, Every State.

Meeting at Libraries is only good the first time when communications go down if you can make it. It will most likely not have the

Apple Cider Vinegar

Natural Antibiotics

Most remedies you can grow in your own backyard. It is said that “Nature has a cure for all nature’s issues”. Start GROWING your own

CatsEars 2

cattail – Typha spp.

Cats ear, looks a lot like the others but it is different, can you eat it can you use it? Lets find out.


Get rid of Flies naturally

The natural way of getting rid of flies, using readily available plants and herbs. Cheaper and healthier than the chemical alternatives.


Fertilizer Shortage Potato

Hungry Potatoes

Growing food is easy they say... but is it, the struggling homestead posts show you the problems you might face and how to fix them.<br


Groundsel Bush

Groundsel Bush it is toxic to Animals so is it toxic to humans? Lets find out.

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