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Let’s look at YOU, “the cog in the machine”—articles and tips on becoming more self-sufficient and perhaps saving a buck here and there. 

(Healthy recipes, Foraging, Gardening, The Struggling Homestead and Prepare)

Explore Articles About Looking After Yourself

The good old “cliche” still stands today, “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. So you will find articles about prepping (self-sustainability and self-reliance), growing food and all the other homesteader-related stuff. 

Be prepared not scared!


Comfrey JUICE.

Comfrey is an underrated and under-appreciated plant. I use it for medical purposes; I make oils and rubbing cream with it for "repairing my old

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Australian Inflation Rate

Argentina Inflation Rate

While both Australia and Argentina have experienced inflation in recent years, the situations in the two countries are quite different. Well so are we led

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