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Online teaching and education have grown by leaps and bounds. You, as the teacher, can now build a course online, manage the enrollment and teach it.

Trade Shack provides the platform for you to connect, create and sell your own online courses with a wider community.

How to start teaching online?




Students enrol, you teach and are in control of the class.
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"A virtual classroom is when students learn via web conferencing technology with a teacher. This is different from online delivery. Web conferencing connects students and teachers and learning environments in real-time and is not constrained to the four walls of a classroom."

What are the benefits?

For you as a teacher

Virtual classrooms allow teachers to be teachers and provides:

  • Real-time learning environments, not constrained to the four walls of a classroom.
  • Real-time connection, meeting and safe interaction between teacher and students.
  • One-of-one learning with students.
  • Save on costs and travel, ensuring more time to focus on learning and teaching.
  • Collaborate with like-minded educators online.
  • Sign your own pay cheque.
  • Allows you as a teacher to work remotely.
  • Everything is in one place, with one dashboard, less administration and more time to expand knowledge and engage with your students.
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as a teacher how to start teaching online?


Request Instructor status

Request Instructor status

Start selling courses by requesting Instructor Status. It is free a way for the system to give you access.
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Create courses

Create courses

Write about an idea, use your skills or start teaching primary, high-school and uni students.
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Sell & Teach

Sell & Teach

Sell your course, teach online or connect offline with your students. You can do face-to-face classrooms.
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Should I only be teaching online?

Although online learning, webinars, virtual classrooms and the Trade Shack online courses have a place in today’s climate, we encourage teachers to engage with the local community in the real world, perhaps even start non-government schools.

There are initiatives underway to set up alternative schools outside the government-regulated realm. We encourage teachers to participate in setting up local learning and education centres. We acknowledge it is not suitable for everybody, and that is fine.

Our Virtual Classroom typically includes interactive exercises, an effective way of transferring knowledge and embedding skills. It differs from online delivery because web conferencing connects students and teachers in real-time. Currently, via ZOOM (bring your ZOOM), we will provide the conference services in-house in the future. Depending on demand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a course.

Courses can only be made by those who have a Teacher Membership and are approved as a teacher. You can subscribe to the Teacher Membership but that does not give you access to create courses.
As part of our validation process, we validate your teacher request. This is a separate request you need to submit.

Apply for Teacher/Instructor status

To apply for instructor status, you need to subscribe to the Teacher Membership, once you successfully subscribed you can apply for Teacher/Instructor status. 

How do I get paid for my course enrolments?

At Trade Shack we do not handle the payment transactions between you and your students.

When you create a course, you can set a pre-requisite that students pay you using your preferred method, this can be online like PayPal, which you have to set up yourself. 

If you prefer cash or cheque then you can enter those details. 

You will be able to manually add, approve and remove students from your course based on their payment status. 

How do you create a virtual classroom?

This is the good thing about our teacher subscription; you do not have to “create” a virtual classroom; it is part of your subscription. 

When you create a course via the dashboard and publish it, that is pretty much it. You can enter your private Zoom details, and we automatically associate that with your system. 


Why is a virtual classroom important?

Virtual classrooms make it possible to connect and stay connected regardless of pandemics, lockdowns and other external influences.

It ensures no time is wasted. It reduces your carbon footprint and contributes to a cleaner and sustainable environment without compromising on face-to-face connection and interaction and activity.

Many online courses are pre-cut videos, static topics and lessons.

A virtual classroom is like being in a class or learning environment; it is a ‘tutor face-to-face’ driven education.

What is needed for a virtual classroom?

All you need is: 

  1. Active teacher subscription.
  2. Create a course.
  3. ZOOM API keys, this to link your own Zoom to a course.

That’s it. 

At the moment we ask you to have your own ZOOM account, we hope to have our own Conference Server soon. 

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