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The Austraila Project (TAP)

TAP - The Australia Project

The Australia Project


The Australia Project is a non-political national movement dedicated to achieving the following aims.

Organisational Aims
● Consistent and continuing education of the Australian people about the current political and governmental climate existing in Australia. 

● Consistent and continuing education of the Australian people regarding their rights under commonwealth law rights and their resulting responsibility to take unified action to defend our constitution, our commonwealth and our people from servitude and

● Consistent and continuing education of the Australian people about how to effectively bring sufficient pressure to bear upon our elected officials in order to legally and legitimately demand they comply with the law, fulfill their lawful duty to the Australian people and serve the will of the Australian Nation or step aside permanently.

● Galvanise and unify the Australian people into action to counter the current political threat to our nation.

(As per their website 08/02/2023)

Is the tradeshack the same as


Absolutely NOT!

We can see why you think the postcode map is the same, the terminology is almost the same, and some images are the same. So yeah, you can be forgiven to think that the trade shack is affiliated with or is the same as The Australia Project. 

We are not. 

There is a simple explanation. The people who built the TAP website and brought the Postcode Communities to life are the same who are behind Trade Shack. The think tank (Trade Shack Team) has since left TAP due to the political and unrealistic goals of TAP. 

The history

We can write a book about the TAP history and members of The Australia Project “party”. The treatment we received and the ongoing disputes and false accusations by members of the TAP committee. Discussing that is irrelevant. The discussion is like the Holden versus Ford argument for those who do and don’t think TAP is the greatest. We leave it at that. 

There is a need for TAP

Groups and organisations like TAP are needed, there is no doubt. One can argue if the current approach is correct, and history will judge that. In the short life of The Australia Project, some good work has been achieved by people who consolidated into postcode community groups (TAP Telegram groups). The TAP committee/management fed upon that, using it as a springboard to accelerate into the public eye. But that was the original founding members and support group.

Apart from two original members, all founding members have left. Mainly due to internal struggle and confusion about capabilities versus ambitions. It paints a clear picture of TAP, just remember change can be good and management often changes due to changes in goals. TAP is still TAP with the same utopian goals. 

TAP is political

When involved in TAP, the ideas, ambition, and vision were great. They had no idea how to achieve it yet, but had a good “crack at it”. They, perhaps, still claim to be non-political; oddly enough, ALL their objectives have politics in it. They do focus on politics and are politically motivated—perhaps even alignment with some political parties or party members. 

Street reps Australia gone around advising on how people should vote in elections, all that is politically driven there is a political motivation around it. Fighting current political parties is political. 


The Australia project had big goals, so they should there is a lot of work to be done. Unfortunately, their track record is short and lined with train wrecks. Take the TAPNeuschool, headed up by one of the committee/management members. Discussed in depth as part of one of the Triple TAP interviews. The interview highlighted some serious challenges. 

The school idea, management, funding, hiring buildings and all other stuff was allegedly done by ONE person only. Funded by that same person whilst he was fighting bad actors who (allegedly) did everything to make the initiative fail. Even the government was pointed out as being a bad actor. There is a clear and precise track record showing the same accusations against others. 

Unfortunately, TAPNeuschool failed shortly after TAP and TAP committee members got involved. Is that the deciding factor? Not sure, but coincidences do not exist. As shown in the interview, the cause for failure can squarely be put at the feet of one person. With that, we can be certain it is not TAP as a whole who is to blame. 

the difference compared to


The major difference between the Trade Shack and The Australia Project is that the Trade Shack is set up to be fluent, consistent, non-political, non-egocentric, and, above all, focused on your ability to “survive”.


We look at what our members could face as challenges, and we adjust the tools to help with those challenges. It is members for members. Together we react to political and environmental changes, creating parallel solutions instead of resisting and fighting the changes.

We are like water, fluent and refreshing.

We are non-political

We do not care what political party is in charge. We know they all have the same objective, and that does not change any time soon. They will not listen or care about YOU as a person or as part of a Postcode Community. Political leaders are not there to solve your problems. They are not coming to help you.

We leave all the protesting, picket fences, blockades, and common law stuff to other websites and movements. If you are looking for discussions and guidance for the above-mentioned, then you are at the wrong website. The Trade Shack does not have the expertise on politics, common law or how to organise protests. It is NOT in our charter.  The Trade Shack does not want anything to do with that. 

The Trade Shack is a tool for solutions that avoid constriction by political and environmental constraints.

We support TAP 100%

What TAP chases, what TAP makes you do and what promises or utopias The Australia Project portrays. You will need some basic things at the end of the day protesting, stapling “arrest warrants” to gates and serving Governor Generals.  This is where the Trade Shack shines and is different from TAP. We work in the background. Creating sustainable parallel “economies” within the existing system that helps you to thrive and survive. 

History shows that protesting creates awareness at the cost of the protestors. How many did protest against Vaccination and went to all anti-lockdown protests and served common law notices? Only to find out that nothing changed for YOU at the end of the day, realising you now got an empty bank account, an empty house and nothing to eat. Forced to rely on that same government and social system you protested against.  

Sure, protesting is needed waking up the sheep is needed, but you must decide “either die as a hero or live long enough to be part of the change”. This is what we mean by supporting TAP 100%, we do not support their political visions, and we do not support their actions. The support we provide is to YOU as a TAP member, helping YOU, the person, to become self-sufficient, grow your food, trade your products and, above all, create a safe and secure Postcode Community to weather future storms. 

Reducing reliance on supply chains (either food, money or other) and creating online connections for offline conversations is key for YOUR survival as part of the future. We believe that we can say “been there done that” and do so ourselves. Being grey, work within the system and reduce reliance. That is what makes us different from all the other groups out there. 

If there is no dependency on the government or long supply chains, then changes or enforcements placed upon you are irrelevant. 

TAP We see you

TAP says, "we see you", but is that a good thing?
Is it better to be grey, not be seen, and work among the system instead of openly against it?
Create independence for your (postcode) community and yourself.
That is what the Trade Shack is all about. There is no need to "be seen".

tap groups verus


So what are TAP Telegram Groups, and what are Postcode Communities? 

Essentially they started out as the same thing. When working on The Australia Project, we also worked on ANCOP. During ANCOP meetings, we floated the idea of communities instead of TAP Telegram Groups. 

The TAP Telegram group was started by one of the founding TAP members, who is no longer part of the TAP and likes to have no association with TAP; hence we do not name the person. Telegram is still used by the existing TAP groups and will most likely continue. 

Telegram is a messaging application that suits the Australia Project objectives, quickly announces new protests etc. Telegram is good for that. As TAP grew, they looked towards organising members in a Telegram group for boots on the ground. This is when we (founders of the Trade Shack) introduced grouping by postcodes, setting up TAP Telegram Channels by postcodes instead of random names. Make it recognisable, like TAP-Tamworth etc., instead of “John and Amie channel”

The core difference 

The Trade Shack

  • No third-party web hosting. We own the server all the network traffic is encrypted and protected with your privacy in mind. 
  • No third-party messaging or discussion applications. We all own it and keep it secure. We control the history and the future of the data.
  • One place for all information organised by Postcode Communities.
  • Postcode Community privacy. Only approved members have and can join. Often validated offline by existing member introduction. 
  • No BOTS or false actors. Only those who are known are given access.
  • Independence of Postcode Communities via self-sufficiency.
  • Promoting offline over online.
  • You are in charge. We support and give guidance we do not request or expect.

The Australia Project

  • Shared hosting managed, the website is managed by junior administrators, which is a high-security risk.
  • Reliance on Telegram, albeit secure for now, content is not owned. Can be removed or breached at any moment. 
  • Dispersed, not because of security but because of how it is structured and no control over it.
  • TAP Telegram Groups, anybody can join there is no validation and bots easily data mine information, like name and phone number. 
  • Bots and data mining.
  • Dependence on TAP, third parties and telegram.
  • Everything ONLINE.
  • Not following TAP guidance can be frowned upon, management is self-promoting and asking for support towards a greater goal, without regard for possible day-to-day issues.

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