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Are you worried about the climate, financial system, and government woes? Do you ever feel the ongoing pressure and fear of not knowing what to do when the supply chain breaks? 

Meet local like-minded, and together we will find a solution.

We Have A Solution

Join the Trade Shack

Build online communities to connect offline. The Trade Shack is a digital Town Square, using modern technology to solve medieval problems. Be ready. Become self-sufficient.

Self-Sufficiency is behind everything.

The Trade Shack is not a prepping site. It is not a Gardening Site, and it is not a Classifieds. It is a website that provides solutions to day-to-day preparedness that can work in your local area.

We bring a new approach to self-sufficiency, connecting like-minded people like you and me online to meet offline. Start the discussions online, and get to know people in your area. Discuss solutions that work for your area. Create Backyard Growers Networks, find alternatives to broken supply chains, and strengthen your community by preparing for man-made or natural disasters. 

Create local trading flows, reducing the need for long fragile supply chains. Grow Local, Trade Local, Eat Local.

Build upon experiences from others and, where possible, meet offline in the real world within your local postcode community. 

Trade Shack Self-Sufficiency

What do I do now?

Join the Trade Shack

We approach the sustainability issue from every angle. It is a holistic approach and gives a solution for everybody. 

When you subscribe, you get access to our discussion forums. We only ask for your postcode, and we use that postcode to put you in a Postcode Community group. From there, you can learn how to grow food locally, exchange food and get to know others in your area. Join the discussion, make friends online and ideally meet in the real world to make your solutions work. 

Sound something for you? Then JOIN NOW. 

Is it safe to join?

We take privacy seriously for that reason. We only ask for the bare minimum to make this site work. That is your name, email and postcode. That is all we need. 

The postcode links you with Local Postcode Communities, and the email is used to communicate with you. We do not send spam or weekly letters or updates unless you select updates to discussion topics. 

When you subscribe to a paid membership, we use Stripe to manage the payments. We do NOT store any payment details on the site.

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