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Trade Shack Forums Postcode Communities How to start a postcode community?

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      Plan A

      It sounds complicated, but it is not.

      It is all about meeting and greeting like-minded. You can find them through a search on Facebook Pages, Telegram Channels and many other social media channels. What these channels have in common is that they are set up by big tech, and there is no such thing as a FREE in this world. You have the impression that if you do not use a credit card, it is free, but you pay for it with your private data.

      At the trade shack, the only data we need from you is your postcode, we use that to help you find existing members, and from there, you can meet, greet and build relationships.
      If you have any questions.. post them below and let’s start building sustainable communities.

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      Plan A

      Starting a community sounds complicated, but it really is not. You might already have a community/tribe without realising it. For example, your neighbourhood is a community in a sense, you all live in the same area, most likely have similar goals and values and above all want to make sure everybody is safe and looked after. THAT IS A COMMUNITY.

      I believe that is the foundation you should build upon, invite more people from the area to discuss self-sufficiency, grow food and expand trading and sharing into similar groups in your area. There will be a time that you need to rely on verbal face-to-face communication, now is the time to build that network. When you need it, it most likely is too late. Start now, work out what works for your community, iron out the issues and plan plan plan.

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