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Trade Shack Forums Random questions I am a member but cannot access my postcode community?

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      I subscribed to the site, entered all my details but I still have no access to my postcode community, why?

      This does happen when you subscribe and you enter your username and password, we check if that combination (username and password) is compromised. We check against several “dark web” databases, if it is found we allow you to become a member BUT you will not get access to any postcode community.

      Next time you log in, we prompt you to change your password (or we might do that when you create your account).

      How to add my postcode to my profile AFTER I became a member, or change it?

      To do this you have to open your profile settings, these are a “layer down” from the Dashboard. On the top right-hand corner you find your profile.

      1. Select Profile Settings.
      2. Select Local Community.
      3. Update your postcode.

      Here is more information on how to do it. 


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