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      Based on thousands of submissions from Moreton Bay locals, the next proposed Local Laws are ready for your feedback!
      The proposed Local Laws are:
      Parking Local Law
      Animal Management Local Law
      We want to ensure our Local Laws are in line with community expectations and safeguard the Moreton Bay way of life we all love.
      Whether you support or object to the proposed Local Laws, we want to hear from you – so now is the time to get involved.
      Submissions are welcome from now until March 26, you can have your say here
      Further draft laws will be progressively released over the next few months for your feedback. Stay tuned to be informed as they open!

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      A reply made to that was:
      So how about….. the council stays out of controlling what someone can and cannot do on their land? I was looking for that tick box option… none..
      Why do I need approval from someone who does not own my land to perform an activity on land I own? Am I the only one who thinks that is odd?
      What is the rationale and/or explanation for why the Council needs to regulate activities on privately owned land? In my view, the Council is overstepping their boundaries and assuming more “responsibility” than it should or is legally entitled to.
      I guess slowly catches the monkey…. little by little, to the level that I need permission to “fart” on my land…
      I do applaud council is putting out a thingy to get people involved….. so the democratic card can be played in the end… peer pressure is a wonderful tool.

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        To which a council rep made a reply
        XXXXXX if you knew how many complaints I receive a week about animal related issues and conflicts with neighbours, your head would spin… it’s probably one of the largest issues that gets raised with my office.

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        Replied to that was.
        XXXXXX I fully understand that, common sense is not something that is common anymore. The fact that folks try to impose their values, believes and ideas on how things should be on others is just crazy.
        Still one can question if it is the councils charter to police private property, there are other channels for that which are well established. I think involving the council is just laziness and the inablity to take responsibility. Resulting in more and more regulations that only increase to constrain the freedom of owning your own property and building a self sufficient life style.
        Once council has introduced a “law”, which one can argue is the wrong terminology simply based upon the concise Australian legal dictionary, it will never ever abandon the newly gained assumed power.
        Hence the question remains… why is the council getting involved, as a simple answer is:
        “Talk it through with your neighbour, if not satisfied you can file civil legal action”
        I do “feel” for you, and can understand your frustration, yet I still believe it is a council overreach. Council should stay within their lanes and provide services not policing. It could be mistaken for a power grab.

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        A reply was made
        xxxxxxxxxxx the fact that you receive complaints is not necessarily justification for imposing more and more additional rules onto others though.

        Some people set their bar on tolerance of others ridiculously low as if it’s their right to live in a bubble. Or are vexatious – I know of people who have had their neighbours or former neighbours, use complaining about their animals as a way to settle scores after a falling-out that had nothing to do with the animals at all, but it was a convenient club to use.

        Other people just love the power of getting others “into trouble” – the folk who want rules enforced for the sake of enforcing them rather than because they are genuinely contending with an unreasonable imposition on their life. And it’s risky when you combine pedantic laws with the council officers who interpret and implement those laws but who possess a binary mindset that prevents them from being able to use appropriate discretion, or prevents them from being able to identify when a complainant is malicious or vexatious or just melodramatic, or prevents them from considering genuine impacts and community outcomes rather than just being motivated to appease the complainant or meet their stats. Council should be careful not to foster chronic or petty complainants… it won’t lead to happier communities.

        Maybe there should be some rules that make the people who complain and exaggerate more accountable.

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        From council representative

        xxxx whilst I understand that there will always be an element of vexatious complaints, local laws are created and adopted due to the feedback Council receives through community consultation.
        If the community don’t feel a local law is needed, this can be repealed, if the community feel we need a certain local law, Council can make one or if the community feels like a current local law should be changed to reflect our changing communities over time we can amend them.

        Council recently consulted with the community in regards to whether new local laws were needed, current laws need to be amended or any local laws need to be repealed. Over 23,000 people participated in the consultation and the results can be found at:…/previous...

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      Council representative responded to the statement that with all the laws rural areas might as well be seen as suburbia.

      public consultation on the local laws has been occurring for nearly 2 years. The process first started in 2021.
      Over 23,000 residents made submissions to the various surveys.
      The consultation has been advertised in the Courier Mail, articles in the Village Pump (including my regular Councillor column), in my Councillor newsletter, extensively on social media, mentioned and circulated at community group meetings just to name a few.
      I have previously been criticized for over consulting and promoting the surveys to much..

      So based upon their response they clearly play the democratic card, which is as expected. So here is a reply to that.

      xxxxx I know you do your best, and it is appreciated. It is a scenario damn if you do damn if you don’t. The issue is xxx, is not you doing your thing, it is the Council as a whole assuming a policing role, making us believe it is rightfully and that it is based upon a democratic process which oddly enough always swings in the favor of the council.

      Here is an example that supports xxxxxx argument easily.
      23,000 respondents to various surveys, so not one various meaning it sounds like a compounded number.
      Now looking at the total residents in Moreton Bay, as per census that is about 476,340 which means the response is less than 5%.

      So how does that support the statement:
      ” it sounds like the council have made decisions”

      Basically like this, despite the low response, which does not represents the view from the residents as a whole, council will proceed introducing these laws. The right thing to do would be NOT PROCEEDING due to lack of support. Yet council believes non-responding is automatic approval…. but is that so?

      So why is the council still proceeding with applying “laws” to privately owned land? Nobody knows, yet the interesting fact is that penalties paid for breaking those “laws” go to council….. I could be mistaken for seeing this as a new revenue stream.

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      Plan A

      xxxxx I have filled in the surveys but as xxxx says if only 5 percent of the demographic has done this you really don’t have a good idea of what the people of Moreton Bay really think
      It’s scary to think that the Council are making laws that affect us when not everyone reads the village pump or looks regularly on Facebook so probably don’t realise that soon they might have to get rid of a rooster or a goose because the laws have changed overnight

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        Plan A

        xxxxxx the majority of the local laws are already in existence and are being tweaked due to feedback from the community through consultation and information from other relevant stakeholders. Unfortunately Council can’t force every resident to participate in the survey or consultation. 23,000 responses is actually very good, in comparison Council only received 8000 or so submissions to the planning scheme review that came into affect in 2016. As you know the planning scheme affects every property in the region. Council at the time wrote to every household directly and encouraged them to participate. Sadly, most people don’t participate or take an interest until something happens in their backyard.

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        Plan A

        xxxx  I honestly think you are avoiding the issue atm, which is fine as Fakebook is not really the forum to discuss these things seriously. LOL I know how it can be. The number of times I have been flamed about something because folks believe MSM and do not do their own research.
        This actually is no different. Folks do not do their research only to find that you can’t “fart” on your own property anymore without council approval. As I have said the council is grossly overstepping their assigned responsibility. It is sad but true.
        It starts small and then grows like a fungus.
        What I find interesting Darren is that you say the majority of the local laws are already in existence and are being tweaked due to feedback from the community.
        So here is my challenge for you, actually my request to the council.
        Provide a nice table showing:
        – Law versus total requests from residents to have that specific law.
        – Law that has not received any feedback or response for change.
        – Law that has received a response, split in favourable and non-favourable for residents.
        It is a simple table with a column of all the laws, a column with the number of requests to have that specific law, a column with the total responses based upon the last survey, and a column stating if the law is deemed favourable or non-favourable for the resident by residents.
        Lets see how that looks, as I strongly believe it is not the responding that is the issue it is the message that we need to respond to.
        Can you do that for me xxxx? Once received I will personally try that a large proportion of the Moreton Bay residents will see it and perhaps even respond to it… I sort of have acquired quite an interesting crowd of local residents I chatter with.

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